We’re Listening to You

At maciver-lux auditory learning services, we make the most of listening and spoken communication.  A diagnosis of hearing loss/deafness does not need to mean a lifetime of silence and lost opportunities in spoken communication.  With today’s hearing technology, children and adults with hearing loss and/or auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders have the opportunity to hear, listen and share.  Research shows that therapeutic intervention* does make a difference in helping children and adults make the most of their hearing aids and cochlear implants.

In partnership with professionals and families, we are dedicated to helping children and adults with hearing loss and hearing disorders reach their highest listening and communication potential.  Early intervention programs such as Auditory-Verbal Therapy and Auditory and Language Enrichment are offered to babies and young children with hearing loss and auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders**.  A variety of auditory learning programs are offered to older children, teenagers and adults with hearing loss, auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders or auditory processing disorders***.  At maciver-lux auditory learning services, we are turning a grey world of silence into a colourful world of sound.

Our presence is heard around the world.  We provide training and consultations services for professionals  engaged in a career of helping children and adults with hearing loss develop listening and spoken communication skills.  Training and mentoring for professionals around the world pursuing LSLS certification in Auditory-Verbal Therapy or Auditory-Verbal Education is available.  At maciver-lux auditory learning services, we invite you to join us while we explore and experience a colourful world of sound.

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  1. *  Kuhn-Inacker, H., Shehata-Deiler, W., Muller J., & Helms, J. (2004). Bilateral cochlear implants: A way to optimize auditory perception abilities in deaf children?  International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, 68, 1257-1266.

** Auditory-Verbal therapy is offered to babies and children with hearing loss who wear hearing technology such as hearing aids, bone conduction hearing aids, middle ear implants, and cochlear implants.  Auditory and Language Enrichment is offered to children with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders (ANSD) who do not wear hearing technology.

*** Individuals with auditory processing disorders (APD) may not wear hearing technology.

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